Getting the teenagers involved! #tinytoesteens

Hello and welcome to my second blog post.

I wanted to talk to the parents of older children for a minute if I may. I love the little ones, but feel that there is a subject that is never really spoken about and I want to address it here today.

When my children were younger, they would proudly come home with their letters informing me about the school photographer coming. I had time to prepare, make sure their hair was brushed and their faces were clean. Then the proofs would come home in their book bag for me to admire. Fast forward to senior school and things have definitely changed.

From personal experience with my eldest two children, I know that I am lucky if I know in advance that it's photo day, and even luckier if I ever see a proof. My eldest is in her final year in senior school and I have NEVER seen a proof of her school photo. They are destroyed before she even leaves the school gates, and now that my son is in his second year, I can see him going the same way. It makes me sad, as I would have loved those photographs, but it makes me even more sad that my teenagers hate them so much.

Do you have a camera shy teenager at home? When the camera comes out, do they turn away? Cover their face? Run away screaming? Are they worried about acne or uneven skin? Teenagers, and pre-teens often have a huge list of insecurities that we as adults have blocked from our memories. Have you ever visited your parents home and seen your school photo in a frame and groaned at it? I know I have. My 'pre-braces' smile. My skin. Growing out a fringe I should never have had cut. Seriously not pretty.

So lets see what we can do to change this a bit.

What if you had the freedom to have your child's photo taken in an environment where they were comfortable and able to express a bit of their personality? Perhaps a favourite outdoor space? Living room? Their bedroom even?

  • What if your child wasn't restricted to only wearing their school uniform on a plain background?

  • What if blemishes and uneven skin tone could be removed after the shoot?

  • What if the photographer chose to spend some time with your child before the shoot, and didn't need to rush to get the next child in the chair?

  • What if you could actually be at the shoot and even get in some of the photos with your child or add in their siblings for no extra cost?

  • What if you had a minimum of 10 edited images to take home on USB for you to print as and when you wish for no added extra cost.

I can't offer a cure for your child's insecurities sadly, but there is something I can do. As a photographer, I have tools available to help with a few of the issues I've raised in this post. The main one is photo editing software. I can promise to do my very best to make them look the best they can be in photos you can cherish forever.

As a demonstration, I have included a very rare image of my son. As you can see, he has a common issue with his skin which causes him to avoid the camera, which as a parent makes me sad. Our children grow up so fast and before we know it we realize that our memories are all we have. That's why I have chosen to launch Tiny Toes Teens mini-shoots. The shoots will work in a similar way to my seasonal shoots for the same low low price. These mini-shoots can take place a location of your choice.(*)

My ethos has always been that I believe every family deserves great photos.

So how does the cost of the mini-shoot, compare to those of school photographs? As well as all the added benefits you would get from the more personal experience I offer, it also makes financial sense too. If you do happen to get the proof and order form for the school photo service, you will often only have 1 photo to choose from. The pre-packed packages often do not have combinations which suit a family's needs. With the mini-shoot you have a choice of a minimum of 10 edited images to choose from, as well as the opportunity to use the photos as many times as you like from a huge variety of printing facilities available to our society today.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, then please get in touch today!

I look forward to hearing from you and meeting your family soon.


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