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Hello and welcome to not only my first blog post here at Tiny Toes Photography's new blog, but also our first giveaway on the website. All you need to do it subscribe to the website. It's really that simple. As well as never missing out on exclusive special offers direct to your inbox, you will also receive a little gift from me.

As a parent and photographer, I know only too well how much 'stuff' you need to take with you on a daily basis. The thought of carrying my hefty (even if it is close to me heart) camera everywhere with me makes me sweat at the mere thought. Even if like me you do have a small little digital camera tucked away in your nappy bag, it can be a faff to route around the nappies, wipes, toys, spare clothes etc to find it and often perfect photo opportunities are lost forever. The smaller the child the more they seem to need with them, and while I don't have any real advice about how to solve this age old problem, I do have another trick up my sleeve, which I hope will help you to lighten your load, and help you to get gorgeous photos using only your smart phone.

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After you've read it, I would love your feedback on the ebook. It's my first one and I am pretty proud of it, but I'm eager to learn all the time and for that I need you lovely lot.

I'd also LOVE to see your creations! Show off your work below!

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