Halloween outfits ideas for newborns

So the weather has turned, the heating is being turned on, and summer clothes being packed away. Autumn is one of my favourite times of year and Halloween is one of the reasons! Who doen't love to see all the adorable outfits in the shops! It's not always easy when you are looking for a newborn outfit, and if you are looking for something a little different, then check out these cuties....

Isn't this little pumpkin romper just too adorable! I'm actually gutted that I didn't have this when my own childre were younger! Available from CozyPhotoProps on Etsy for arounf £17.

Want something a little witchey and warm? This is a perfect unisex option and baby can wear their own romer underneath to keep them snug! Available on Etsy too from WinnieandIris for £25.

Just look at those teeny weeny wings! Paired with a tiny halo and I woud say this little one is good to go. Also available in grey. From Ebay from around £6

How about Mummy's little Mummy? Another snug option, which is practicle for October 31st weather and still so cute! Available from FerrisCreations for £15.

Available in pink and grey, this dino romper could be just what you are looking for! Available on Ebay in sizes newborn to 2 years and affordable at just over £6

Not looking for a scary outfit? This could be for you. How stunking adorable is this snuggly shark outfit? Available on Etsy for £30 from Monarchdancer

I hope that you have found this guide helpful and I would love to see you photos of your cuties on halloween!

Wrap up warm and enjoy the cooler days.


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