Newborn Poses which are dangerous to try without training

We as parents look around websites such as Pinterest, or social media sites and see these beautiful newborn photos. It is easy for some parents to think 'I can do that'. In fact things are not all that they seem. Parents love to take photos of their newborns in adorable poses. However, many new moms and dads don’t realize some snapshots should only be taken by a professional photographer who knows how to safely position your baby. In fact, many poses are only possible with Photoshop!

As a newborn photographer, I have attended posing training which includes posing safety. The fact that parents trust me to handle their precious newborn is a privledge to me, and one that I take very seriously.

I’ve rounded up some common baby photo poses that are actually dangerous to try at home. It's best to leave these to the pros!

Please don't try these at home!

Some newborn photos can only be taken safely with the help of a professional photographer. The following poses are dangerous for parents to take on their own and can cause injury to your baby.

Head In Hands

This is probably the most common baby pose out there. What you might not realize is that this image is actually photoshopped from multiple different photos. One parent/spotter is needed to hold up the infant’s head. In one shot, the parent holds the baby’s head and in another, the parent holds the baby’s arms. The photos are then photoshopped together.

Crossed Arms

The same goes for this pose where the head is balanced on crossed arms. Since newborn’s are top heavy, their head needs to be held up so that the photographer can get the shot and the baby can be safe.


Photos of little ones sleeping on an angle are also pretty common. To keep the baby safe, this image is taken by laying the baby flat down and altering the photo later.

Sling Shot/Rings/Irregular Props

To safely take photos like this shot, two images are photoshopped together. Instead of holding the baby up, the infant rests on a neutral-coloured cushion or ottoman with the sling around them. This image is then photoshopped together with the image of choice. Using irregular props like a guitar or a swing are also common. However, parents need to hold the baby in place in order to get the shot. The parent is then Photoshopped out after. For extra precaution, things like bean bags are used. Having more than one parent present to ensure the child's safety is also important.

Sitting In Your Arms/Balanced On One Arm

Clearly it’s dangerous to sit your baby upright in your arms, which is why photographers use the magic of photoshop instead. By laying the baby on a bed with a parent’s arms around them, the photographer can easily Photoshop the background out to make it appear like they’re sitting upright.

The same technique goes for this photo, where it looks like the baby is perfectly balanced on the parent's arm.

Sitting Upright/potato sack pose

This is such a cute picture, but of course this little one can’t safely do this pose on her own. Parents need to help hold the baby up on both sides. They are then Photoshopped out and the photos are merged together. Here's an image for reference.

Using Props

Photographers use all kind of props, from books to baskets. However, placing a baby on these types of things can be dangerous. The infant could possible slip off or the prop could fall over. When using props, parents and photographers need to make sure the baby is not only lying on soft, comfortable padding, but that they are also placed on or in something sturdy. A parent also needs to stand nearby to make sure the baby doesn’t roll and to support their head if needed.

If you would like to discuss anything you have read about in this post, please do get in touch. I will be happy to talk you through any ideas you have, and offer safe solutions as appropriate.


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