It's not all about babies here at Tiny Toes Photography

Hello there lovlies,

I thought I would hange things up a little and let you all know that I don't only photograph babies and children. Although I love to do that, and they do make up the majority of my clients, I also offer head shot services to models and businesses, or even just those wanting an updated LinkedIn profile photo.

I also want to tell you about an inspirational/beautiful lady called Veena V, who helped me to realise that not only was this a good direction to take my business, but who also encouraged me to take the leap. You can read about Veena's story here, and I know you will be as inspired as I am.

Veena V, mum to millionaire, veena virahsammy

Veena is the founder of Mum to Millionaire. She started Mum To Millionaire after feeling frustrated with not being able to find realistic business & life advice. What started off as a podcast (a brilliant one I might add) turned into meet ups and a real positive community. Through going to my first meet up, I have made some contacts in the mummy business community, as well as some clients. One of them being Veena herself! It actually fills me with pride that this amazing lady has used the images from our photo session for her website!

Veena's business is largl;y focussed around youtube, so her images needed to reflect that. We had a chat before hand about what was needed and Veena's vision. These were of course her photos and they needed to work for her business model. Check out some of the photos below, as well as some more on the Mum to Millionaire site itself.

If you have been thinking that your website needs a re-vamp with some new images then get in touch!

Have a lovely week!

Emma x


*Veena's hair and make up by the lovely Zainab at The Beauty UK

*Other business headshots and stock work: Cats 'N' That Tylers Patch

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